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Welcome to the Ross Revenge website.
All about one of the most superb ships ever built.

Finally, on a day which seemed to take forver to come, the Ross Revenge has moved out of the confines of Tilbury Docks. After a spell on Tilbury landing stage from the summer of 2004 into spring of 2005 where she was regularly open to the public, the Ross Revnge moved into closed dock for some maintenance and TLC. We expected to be there for for 6 - 9 months. 9 years later, on the 31st July 2014, ably escorted by General Port Services (GPS) tug Avenger, assisted by the Horton, she threw off her shackles and departed. Her new location is on the River Blackwater, near Bradwell on Sea, close to where she was moored in 1994. There are a number of points we need to sort out, but in the fullness of time we hope to be able to open her up for public tours once again in the near future.

Click the above photograph for a slideshow of the voyage by crew member Steve Anthony.

Built in Bremerhaven, Germany, in 1960 as one of three similar vessels and christened "Freyr", registration "RE1", the Ross Revenge was originally owned and operated by an Icelandic fishing company. After just 3 years she was sold to Grimsby based Ross Fisheries and re-named "Ross Revenge", where she became one of the most successful vessels to ever fish from the UK. By the late 70's the fishing industry was in sharp decline and along with many of her contemporaries she became surplus to requirements. For a while she was operated as a salvage and recovery vessel but in the early 80's she was sitting in a breakers yard almost inevitably facing the cutters torch. However, Radio Caroline were searching for a new ship, and in August 1983 she became home to the legendary radio station. For a period of over 8 years she was kept at anchor outside territorial waters broadcasting to up to 23 million people. Finally, beaten and battered, and in very poor condition she was shipwrecked onto the Goodwin Sands off the Kent coast from where she was eventually towed into Dover and arrested. Since 1991 she has been cared for and maintaned by an enthusiastic voluntary support group with the aim of preserving and restoring her to her former glory.

This Site (C), Launched July 13th 2001, Re-launched July 6th, 2004


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