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Complete A- Z listing of all HTML pages at and their abbreviated history.

This page first built on 19 July 2003 - all updtaes prior to this are pre-history!


The Accomodation Page -
All about the ships accomodation areas - Cabins, Galley, Messroom.
The Ampliphase Page -
A detailed technical description of the operation of RCA's line of ampliphase transmitters. Discussion based around the BTA-50H as installed on the Ross Revenge, but applicable to other models too.
2000 - page first launched.
18 July 2003 - layout slightly amended, minor details changed on text.
The Ampliphase Ancestry Page -
A detailed technical description of the development of various models of ampliphase transmitter from 1948 to the late 70's. Includes subpages for some specific models.
2002 - page first launched.
18 July 2003 - Minor details changed on text.
The Ampliphase Anthology Page -
A Chronological listing of RCA high powered (50kw or greater) ampliphase transmitters. Detail of serial numbers, shipping dates, operators and eventual fate.
2002 - page first launched.
17 July 2003 - Major update on details for later models.
10 August 2003 - correction of Philly 50G info - thanks to Bob Savage.


The Bridge -
Temporray holding page pending information abut the ships bridge.
Page launched April 2004.


Into the New Milennium -
A brief rundown on major happenings on and around the Ross Revenge from the summer of 1999 when she was in Southend until late 2002.
The Continentals -
A look at and description of the Continental Electronics transmitters as used on the previous Caroline ships, Fredericia, and Mi Amigo.
Page launched April 2004


The DC Power Page -
All about the ships original DC generator plant and power system.
Page launched April 2004.


The Engine Page -
Intorduction to the engine room and its machinary.


Frequently Asked Questions -
You ask them, we answer them.......
Page launched April 2004
The Feedback Form -
Feedback form, for you to get in touch with the webmaster or engneering crew.
The Five and Ten Page -
Information on Radio Carolines smaller tx's, the BTA-10G and BTA-5H.
Fuel and Water -
All about teh ships fuel, water and oil systems.


The Generator Room -
The AC Generator Room page.


The Shortwave Ampliphase -
A short page on the BHF-100B shortwave ampliphase made by RCA in 1963.


Main Index -
The main index page!
July 2001 - Website launched with a temporary holding page.
Oct 2001 - tribute to Ernie added.
6 Sept 2003 - Added link to WBCQ page.
2004-2005 - various minor chnages as extra details added.
November 2005 - Added Freyr 1963 pictures link and Valvoline logo.


Others Ships, Other Transmitters -
A page detailing transmitters used by other offshore projects, and some interesting uses for RCA and Continental Electronics transmitters. Lists the eventual fate where some of them ended up.
Page launched April 2004


Propulsion -
All about the propulsion, vulcan coupling, prop shaft, and propeller.
Page launched April 2004


The Restoration Page -
Temporary introduction page to the cleanup of the transmitter room on the Ross Revenge.
The Rochester Page -
A page of mostly aerial (ie. shot from aeroplane) photographs during her stay at Acorn Reach, Rochester, July 2003 to July 2004.

S Sitemap and history -
This page - the one you are reading!
19 July 2003 - page first launched.
The Ampliphase Oscillograms Page -
A detailed technical view of some oscillograms and waveforms from the modulator of the BTA-50H transmitter.
2000 - page first launched.
The Radio Scotland 242 Page -
A short history and selection of photographs of Radio Scotland 242 onboard the LV Comet. Pictures supplied by former Comet engineer, Bob Donnelly.
2001 - page first launched - not linked from main pages.
The "new" Studio Page -
Re-building the former "Dutch" studio after the 2004 RSL in Tilbury to suit new computer playout systems, etc. Most of this work was conducted in December 2004.


BTA10J ampliphase-
Short page on the smaller ampliphase transmitters, BTA5/10 J amd L. As used by Radio Scotand, 390 and 270 and standby to Big L
19 July 2003 - page first launched.
The Transmitter Page -
Introduction page to the transmitter hold onboard the Ross Revenge.
Page completely re-written and updated April 2004.
The Trawling Page -
Will contain lots of pictures and info about her Trawling career from 1960 - 1978.
Page launched November 2005 with some pictures of her in Iceland August and September 1963.
The Tilbury RSL Page -
A selection of pictutes showing the preparation work before and behnd the scenes during the 2004 RSL from Tilbury. Page launched August 2004.
The Tilbury Berth 12 Pages -
A view of work going on around the ship during the summer of 2005 whilst she was in Berth 12 of Tilbury docks and away from public view.


WBCQ The Planet-
Page and pictures of WBCQ, Monticello, Maine. Shortwave station broadcasts Caroline programmes, run by Caroline supporter and ex-Ross Revenge engr, Al Weiner.
10 August 2003 - page first launched.

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The 50G Ampliphase -
Information on RCA's first ampliphase, the BTA-50G, released in 1955
The 50G handbook -
A short page showing the printing error on the 50G handbook.
BTH-100B Ampliphase -
A short page on the BTH-100B ampliphase, as insatlled onboard the MEBO 2.
The 2005 Work Page -
A selection of pictures showing work around the ship in late 2004 and upto Easter 2005 while she was moored on the ferry terminal at Tilbury.

This page (C), Launched July 19th 2003