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Brief Specifications of the Ross Revenge.

Built: Bremerhaven, Germany, 1960

Gross Tonnage: Approx 980 tonnes.

Length: 67 metres (220ft)

Beam (width): 10.3 metres (30ft)

Draft (depth) : 6 metres (18ft)

Main Engine: Verkspoor 10 cylinder Diesel, dual turbo.

Main Engine Output: Approx 2400hp (1.8 megawatt)

Max Speed: 18-22 Knots.

Propulsion: Escher-Weiss vari-pitch propeller and Vulcan fluid coupling.

Original Main Generators: Two Deutz 6 cylinder, 220 volts DC, 120 kilowatt.

Original Auxilary Generator: MWN 3 cylinder, 220 volts DC, 35 kilowatt

Freshwater Capacity: Approx 120 tonnes.

Fuel capacity: Approx 120 tonnes.

Fuel consumption (main engine): 4 tonnes per day.

Length of fishing voyage: Typically upto 3 weeks.

Area of fishing: Mainly Icelandic and northern European waters, including Baerents Sea, Greenland, etc.

Crew accomodation: Ten cabins below decks, chief engineers cabin on main deck, officers, captains and radio officers cabins above decks. Additional accomodation for fishing crew in forepeak area.

Converted for broadcasting: 1983, Santander, Spain.

Broadcast Generators: Two MAN 6 cylinder Turbo, 460 volts, 60hz, 3 phase, 250kVA (1983)
One MAN 12 Cylinder twin turbo, 460 volts, 60Hz, 3 phase, 500kVA (fitted 1987)

Auxiliary Generators: Perkins 6 cylinder, 3 phase, 40kVA (fitted 1992)
Perkins 4 Cylinder, 3 phase, 20kVA (fitted 2000)

Broadcast Transmitters:- RCA BTA-50H Ampliphase, 50,000 watts.
Two RCA BTA-5H Plate modulated, 5,000 watts.(one converted to 10kw)
Two Marconi 1kw FM - onboard but never installed.
No broadcast transmitters are currently operational.

Height of tower (1983): 96 metres (approx 290 feet)

Height of towers (1989): 35 metres (approx 100 feet)

Antenna Matching (1983): Shunt feed, grounded mast, diplexed.

Antenna Matching (1988 ~) Top loaded "T" antenna, diplexed.

Antenna Matching (shortwave): Inverted V.

Broadcast frequencies: 963Khz (319m), 576Khz (519m), 585Khz (test only), 558Khz (539m), 819Khz. 6215Khz shortwave.

Duration at Sea: Over 8 years. August 1983 - November 1991.

Record Library: 17,000 titles (approximately)

Studios: Four with 3 services on air, now three.

Main Studio: Gates Dualux console, Rusco/Spotmaster turntables, NAB cart machines.

Second Studio (Dutch Service): Generic 12 channel desk, Technics SP10 turntables, NAB cart machines.

Third Studio (Overdrive and production): Gates Yard console, Gates 16in turntables, NAB cart machines.

Fourth Studio (Shortwave religion): Generic 4 channel desk, various tape and cassette sources.

Audio Processing: Orban Optimod 9000 (50kw), Orban Optimod 9100 (10kw), Pacific Recorders Multimax (shortwave)

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