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Mopping Out the Oil Tanks.

We are eternally grateful to Valvoline Oils for their very generous donation of over four hundred gallons of top quality marine engine oil, hydraulic oils, general lubricants and other fluids. As the main engine takes over 300 gallons and it has not been changed or properly filtered for over 25 years, we had something of a problem in store once the current engine overhaul had been completed. However, before we could take delivery of the new oil we had to mop out and clean the storage tanks. This was not a job any of us relished, but with the remains of the tanks pumped into a sludge tank, the hatch covers came off, and a bucket or two of steaming water and a box or two of detergent powder were dispensed.

This is a view looking down into the bottom of the recently pumped out oil tank. Years of sludge and slime!

Inside the tanks, looking up, we were amazed to find the original panel markings from when the steel plates were cut and assembled in the shipyard 45 years ago.

I wonder what the panel makers would think if they knew their markings were still there after all this time?

Our heartfelt thanks to Valvoline for their donation and support.