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Recent happenings around the Ross Revenge.

As of the start of 2006 she is tied up within Tilbury Docks in Essex and is not available for tours by the public. However, work onboard still goes at full steam ahead. In January she was moved from Berth 12 adjacent to the cement works to Berth 21 which is some distance away. Access for the crew and materials is still very good however, and we have less cement dust covering everything. During the move we took the opportunity to turn her round, so her now her starboard side is against the quay. During the winter months work continues inside the ship, the current focus of attention being refurbishment of the messroom and a couple of the cabins.
 See here for more messroom pictures.
Prior to that, in late summer 2005 the port side of the hull (which was then along the quayside) was stripped down to bare metal, reprimed and repainted in bright red gloss. To reach the hard to reach parts we hired a cherry picker for a weekend, and thus managed to painted the bows and repaint her name.
 Full details here.
Before the hull painting, one of our first jobs after arriving in Tilbury docks was to refurbish and repaint the back deck.
Whilst all these major jobs have been going on, lots of other work has been taking pace too. Lot's of re-wiring has been done, the ships PA system has been repaired, improvements to the central heatng have been made, and all the little ongoing day-to-day repairs and tasks have been tackled.
One notable achievement was the donation of a substantial quantity of high quality engine oil by the good people at Valvoline Oils. Our Chief Engineer Peter Clayton has recommenced work on the main engine, and we are all looking forward to the day when all that new oil and hydraulic fluid can be put to good use. Of course, before we could store the fresh oil we had to clean out the oil tanks which was not a particularly pleasant job.
More Pictues
Before the move into the docks in May 2005 we spent ten very productive months moored alongside the ferry landing stage at Tilbury. During August and Spetember 2004 the ship once again hosted the programmes of Radio Caroline, to a local audience on a "Restricted Service Licence" (RSL) on 1278khz AM, and to the larger and world wide audience via the stations regular satellite, worldspace and internet feeds. During this time the ship was opened up to the public and welcomed thousdands of visitors from all around the world. Once the RSL was finished, broadcasts and open days took place on the ship one weekend per month throughout the autumn of 2004 and into 2005.
A whole load of pictures from the RSL can be found here.
Prior to the move to Tilbury in July 2004, the Ross Revenge spent a little over a year at on the Medway at Rochester in Kent, and before that 4 years at Queenborough on the Isle of Sheppey.
More pictures from Rochester here.