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Easter 2006 on the Ross Revenge.

The Paintathlon continues....... Having completed repainting the entire portside in late 2005, the spring of 2006 finds the crew outside once again. With the ship now turned through 180 degrees, work can commence on the starboard side hull.

How many tins of paint can you fit in a Ford Fiesta? John C managed 25 tins, plus assorted brushes, rollers and assorted items.

Marathon man Graham starts work using the Bosch chisel hammer on the rust spots.

Nick uses an old fashioned hammer to do the same.

As does first time crew member Peter.

The rain was just starting to dry out when we were starting.

A lot of the surface rust spots break away easily.

In close with the chisel hammer.

Steve Dack emerges from within and immediately reaches for his ear defenders. The racket from all the hammering was quite deafening.

Rockin' John Cron with a Bosch needle gun.

Graham making a marathon of removing rust and paint.

Several hours hours later a section has been derusted, stripped of old paint and is down to clean bare metal.

Some parts of the paintwork are in poor shape.

Sun starting to set along the quayside.

Yes the crew are still busy chipping and grinding.

Definitely in need of some paintwork attention.

New crew member Paul attacks the grills with a grinder.

See those sparks fly.

In close with a needle gun.

Steve Dack kept in the dark, under the table.......

Steve, master carpenter, caught by the camera.

L-R: Paul, Lee, John, Peter, Graham

John starts attacking a new patch of old paint with the needle gun.

Paul, with the Hilti needle gun.

Lee, with the Bosch.

Peter, the old fashioned way.

Rod, with the Hilti.

Rust bubbles everywhere!

Bit of Welding required around the scuppers!

L-R: Howard, Graham, Roland, Phil, Rod, John

Rewiring the jackfield in Studio 1.

Wires everywhere.......

The new scaffold tower donated by Andrew Austin makes its first appearance of the year.

And is immediately put to good use.

Busy, Busy, Busy........

Pete Anderson busy up the tower.

Phil busy grinding.

Howard busy needling.

Lee and David start applying bright red top coat onto the red-oxide primer.

More wiring in the studio.

Steves new woodwork in the messroom with a coat of varnish.

More paint.

By midweek we were down to four crew members, but we were still busy chipping and grinding.

A big thank you to of the crew who gave up their Easter weekend and several days of the following week to help keep the old girl looking her best.